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Soci Marketers Analytics & Statistics

The Most Complete Analytics Ever Offered For Facebook Marketers

- Some Worlds First In This Launch -

- Some EXCITING NEW Features -

The Most Complete SaaS Software For Facebook
Campaigns & Key Marketing Features Plus, Live Stream Tools For Our Market Space - Ever!

>>  Worlds First !     First Carousel Posting App for Facebook.

>>  Worlds First !     First VIDEO CROSSPOSTING App for Facebook

*** SPECIAL ADDITION - Facebook Ads Targeting - An Easy Way To Check Facebook Ads with Keyword Search and Type and get results Like Coverage, Name And Subtext - Numbers You Need To See Within Our Tool Suite

 We're taking advantage of Facebook's very important NEW FEATURES and releasing our complete and dynamic suite of Facebook tools.

 With Soci Marketer Live, we're introducing Video Carousels which allow you to post 5 clickable images in a single post to keep your fans engaged and responding to your offers.

And Video Cross Posting which allows you to upload a video once to a page and then create posts from there to other pages, groups and newsfeeds where you are an admin.

Schedule your post and forget it. Then view total insights from all the videos that you have crossposted on Facebook.   Auto share, Auto Comment, Auto Like, Auto Private Reply In Inbox can all be enabled.

>>> OTO 1 Worlds First Cloud Based Live Streaming App For Facebook  

For those who don't want to get in front of a camera, but still want to live stream their broadcast on Facebook?

Now you can with Media Caster Live! The world's first cloud based tool that allows pre-recorded video to stream as a live event!

This OTO comes with complete scheduling and analytics.

You can either wait to stream it, or broadcast the stream at the designated time. Again, Auto share, comment, like, and Private Reply In Inbox can be enabled from the posted announcement and then from the stream.

Along with Media Caster, your list will receive training to use and a 60-day Free Trial for another software that we believe is EASIER TO USE than Camtasia, for Broadcasting! (NOT OBS ) Way Better & Easier!

Soci Marketer Is Built With Facebook OFFICIAL API's
and The Functions And Results are Incredible!

And Many More Features We'll Announce As We get Closer

Many Brand New Exciting Features Never Promoted Before Now



OTO1 Media Caster Live

This Combination Can't Be Beat

And Our Killer Bonuses For Soci Marketer

These Alone Are Worth The Price Of Admission!

All Cutting Edge And Never Released Before Today!

And Nothing Out There Compares To 

Soci Marketer !!


Mark Your Calendars Today For This Date




at 9am Eastern

James Knight


Soci Marketer Promo

& Live Streaming Walk Thru

Users Manual Is Uploaded and We're Ready To Rock

As Of Jan 7th 2017

We Launch In 

- Soci Marketer -

A Special Suite Of Facebook Tools Like No Other Before It!

  • Worlds First Cloud Based Live Streaming App For Facebook - Media Caster OTO1 for broadcasting content Live to Facebook
  • First !  Video & Post Analytics - Like You've Seen Before
  • First ! CAROUSEL POSTING & VIDEO CROSSPOSTING We are the first to offer the Newest Powerful Features for your Facebook Posts And Video Marketing.  

We Will Have Review Access After The 3rd

Our Perfect Solution  For Awesome  Conversions

  • FE is Soci Marketer At $27 Annual Or $67.00 Lifetime
  • OTO1 is Media Caster Live At $37.00 Monthly Or $147.00 Annual
  • OTO 2 is Video Marketer Agency At $47.00 30 Day Trial, And $67.00 Re-Bill

Streamed Live Jan 9th To FB ( embed code)

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If You Need A Bonus Page, Just Let Us Know And Get James Your Link

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Swipes  Also Download Here

SUBJECT: Start 2017 Off With A BANG - Don’t Get Left Behind...

BODY: By now, you should be more than aware that it’s no secret that BIG money is being made with Facebook.

It’s the go-to platform of successful marketers to cater the majority,

if not, all of their business needs such as lead generation, entertainment,

audience engagement and of course, making boatloads of sales.

Only problem is that many marketers still do struggle because they still

possess the old, “dinosaur-way” of doing things and they have yet to adopt

the new and extremely effective methods.

The internet is always changing and simply put,

you need to approach it with an “adapt or die” mindset.

Fortunately for you,

you’re reading this mail so I’m going to let you in on a secret software that my

good buddies will be launching here in the next few days.

Take it from me. . .

This is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before and quite frankly,

this is your all-in-one marketing tool for Facebook that is guaranteed

to kick your business into overdrive.

This software brings to you the world’s very first -

Video Cross Posting and Carousel Posting features for Facebook.

Did I mention that you search for Highly Targeted Key Words and Pages

and gather names, phone numbers, address and emails

Plus, Auto share, comment, like, and Private Reply In All Posts

These features alone is priceless, and these few features are just the tip of the iceberg.

If success is your main goal in 2017, then it’d be a smart move to stick around for my next email

Just thank me later. Signing off…



There's An OTO that you won' believe, The Worlds First Web Based

 "Live Stream "  broadcasting tool for Facebook - You Don't Want To Miss This 

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SUBJECT: IT’S LIVE!!! Don’t Miss Out - Grab It While It Lasts!

SUBJECT: The Newest Cutting Edge Tools Released From Facebook Available Today


With Facebook being the world’s #1 trafficked site and the best platform to build any business, we now have a software that will allow us to attack it from all angles and reap HUGE rewards.

Stop everything you’re doing...


=> and check this out! <=

But just as they always do, my buddy Griff and his Team have produced this Awesome

Facebook Suite Of Tools, for you to Start using the NEWEST Cutting Edge Tools

Released From Facebook Today

You have before you, the WORLDS FIRST Facebook software that will
allow you to:

 * First - Video cross posting. upload your video Once and Post across all your pages
 * First - Carousel poster for videos with clickable (CTA) buttons.

 * First - Carousel Slider for videos, images and products with clickable (CTA) buttons.

 *Plus, Auto share, comment, like, and Auto Private Reply In All Posts

 *Keyword and Page Research for  names, phone numbers, address and emails

* Complete Facebook Post And Video Analytics, like you've never seen before.

*Soci In-Boxer for mass mailing thousands of email leads for any business (BONUS)

*Soci Chat for connecting your audience on your webpages And Facebook (BONUS)

And so much more...

=> and check this out! <=

This is the exact, same software that the pros and the 7 and 8 figure earners are using and

because of this, this offer is extremely time sensitive!


Griff has added it to their Software platform "Video Marketer RX" for your

complete video marketing solutions.

So don’t waste anymore time…

=> Go get yours NOW! <=

P.S. When you take advantage of this offer, 

There's A Special OTO that you won't believe,


 "Live Stream "  broadcasting tool for Facebook -


Especially if you HATE being on camera!

You Realy Don't Want To Miss This Very Special Offer


 SUBJECT: LAST CHANCE To Board The 2017 Money Train….

BODY: In case you’ve been under a boulder for the past few days,

something really BIG has happened in the Facebook world.


Check this out. . .


Welcome to the new Facebook, thanks to this awesome, new software that

Griff and James just launched.

As for the old facebook? Well, you can keep making facebook groups and

using all of the ordinary features. . .

If you want an ordinary business, that is. . .


However, if you’re in for an extraordinary 2017 and want to scale your business

to heights that it has never seen before, then you’re going to want in on this new tool.

Ever wondered what it would be like to actually use cutting edge software to Attract Thousands of new Fans ?

Or Finaly 'Live Stream' Easily?

Plus, gather thousands of super-targeted leads for your business?


Well, you can with this software, but there’s a good chance that you may be too late.


=> Click here to grab yours <=


To A Prosperous 2017,




P.S. You will really love the upsell if you’re a big fan of freebies. These guys are giving a free, 60-day trial for a secret, unannounced bonus software that no one is talking about.


You’re welcome :-)


 Subject line: 1 Software Suite To Rule Them All (literally)…  


Like me, over the last few months, your inbox has been flooded with software offers.

Some auto posted, auto commented, auto shared, yada, yada, yada.

Some were great: some…not so much.

They ALL had 1 thing in common, though…  






Well…ALL that is about to change! Introducing: Soci Marketer.

The worlds 1st WEB BASED, Profit Grabbing, Suite of Tools to Harness the power of Your

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Completely, easily, and (Most Importantly), From 1 Console.  

Let’s Take A Closer Look…

Soci Marketer… Auto posts Your “Video Carousels” and “Slide Shows” With Personalization.

Allows You To Reach EVERY Person Who Clicks with a Personalized message Right In Their “Inbox” AUTOMATICALLY, Guaranteeing that the Messages WILL BE SEEN.        

This Will Increase Engagement On Your Fan page To Levels Only Possible With Large Ad Spends…Before Now, that is, but FOR FREE!  

Whenever someone clicks on your post, they will be taken To wherever YOU decide they should go.    


With Our Campaign Manager, you can set the CTA's to:  Auto Reply  Like And Share  Auto Private Reply!  

You Can Have Soci Marketer up and running in 2 minutes and start Automating all the processes that used to take HOURS.  

This Suite actually does WAY MORE than we have room to describe here,

So.. If this sounds like what you’ve been waiting for,

why not click the link below To see Soci Marketer in ALL It’s Glory…

(insert sales page link here)

You owe it to yourself to check this Bad Boy Out !!!


PS... As if this wasn’t enough, Be sure to also check the…

OTO 1 The Worlds First ,100% Web Based , Live Streaming Software…

Media Caster - You Will be truly Amazed!      

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